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Thin waist Diet (Slender waist diet) – decrease your waist

Thin waist Diet (Slender waist diet) - decrease your waistThin waist Diet (Cabbage, apple, orange diet). Slender waist diet.

Thin waist diet is very substantial and you can lose weight up to 3 kg per week.

Thin waist diet (Cabbage, apple, orange diet) is suitable for people who like fruit and vegetables and wants to have Slender waist. Slender waist diet diet is designed for 14 days. Cellular tissue is the basis of this diet. Cellular tissue – is food for your waist.

Breakfast: green tea, a hot sandwich (grain or rye bread with butter and lobule of cabbage or apple or orange with cheese). You can eat 2 sandwiches.

Lunch. Salad (3 variants) + soup (2 variants) + second dish (3 variants) + dessert Salad (3 variants):

1. Salad (Cabbage and apple with oil) without salt.
2. Salad (Cabbage, orange, apple and banana).
3. Salad(Cabbage with mayonnaise, garlic and soy sauce) without salt.

Low fat Soup (2 variant):

1. Vegetable Soup (Soup recipes)
2. Low fat beef Soup (Low fat beef Soup)

Second dish (3 variants):

1. Poultry (without skin) 150 g.
2. Boiled fish 150g.
3. Baked potato with cream and greens. (Baked potato recipe)

Dessert: compote of apples, oranges, pears without sugar

Dinner (4 variant):

1. Cooked white cabbage (White cabbage recipe)
2. Omelette of two eggs with cabbage
3. 2-3 banana
4. Fruit salad (kiwi, bananas, oranges, apple and pear with yogurt)

Before the sleep: glass of low fat kefir or yogurt or apple or pear. Eat less the salt and the sugar. Just Adhere to this diet within 2 weeks and go in for sports and your waist will decrease on 5-6 cm


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