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Strict diet (7 day diet)

Strict diet (7 day diet)Strict diet designed for 7 days. As a result you lose weight about 6 kg. Strict diet is quite hungry.

1st Day: No more than 2 glasses of water, night-hot bath or sauna and at 10 p.m. eat teaspoon honey + 1 glasses of warm water.

2nd Day:
Breakfast: porridge without salt and sugar
Lunch: soup, containing at least four components of vegetables, you can add rice and potatoes without salt
Dinner: kefir.

3rd Day:
Breakfast: 1 fruit (apple or grapefruit)
Lunch: vegetable salad
Dinner: kefir.

4th Day:
Breakfast: 1 fruit (apple or pineapple)
Lunch: vegetable salad
Dinner: 1 fruit (apple or grapefruit)

5th Day:
Breakfast: rice
Lunch: rice and tomato soup (mashed tomatoes without salt)
Dinner: rice.

6th Day:
Breakfast: green tea, curd
Lunch: vegetable salad and bread
Dinner: kefir

7th Day : Any day menu of your choice.

Size of portion is arbitrary. You can drink green tea only (without sugar) or water (except 1 day). Categorically not eat onions, garlic and sharp spices.

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