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Melon diet as a Fast Weight loss method

Melon diet as a Fast Weight loss methodMelon Diet is a means to rid your body of toxins. Melon diet is used to cleanse the body, enhance sexuality and reduce puffiness. Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium – just a few of the essential vitamins contain of melons.

The Melon Diet is not hungry but jogtrot.

Breakfast: 400 g of purified melons and 200 ml kefir.
Lunch: 400 g of purified melons, 200 g boiled rice, a cup of green tea.
Afternoon: slices of black bread with oil, a cup of green tea.
Dinner. 200 grams of rice (buckwheat, potato) and 200 g boiled low fat meat or chicken.

Expected effects: improving mood and fresh complexion. After the melon diet can lose weight up to 3 kg (7 lbs) per week.

Common misspellings: Mellon diet, Melone, Melan, Mellone, Malon


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