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Low fat diet

low fat dietMain rule of low fat diet – delete almost all fat from your daily nutrition. Low fat diet is not so low calories to keep a sense of hunger.

Daily diet menu

Breakfast: 20 grams of dry breakfast, a small banana, milk (280 ml. everyday)
Afternoon snack: potatoes boiled in their jackets with Bank town 225 Lunch : oniony soup with potatoes, curry of chicken with brown rice, with a jar of baked haricot 225 g.
Lunch: oniony soup with potatoes, curry chicken with brown rice, with a kiss punnet of raspberries and low fat raspberry yogurt or low fat curd.

As well this food?

The low fat diet reduce the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. Diet easy to follow, especially if avoid using dairy products. The list of low fat products practically not limited. Following this diet you do not have to check calories. Allowed to moderate alcohol consumption. You can eat an unlimited number of vegetables.

What is wrong with this food?

Long low fat diet can cause a deficiency of fatty acids in the body, why there can be various disorders. These fatty acids found in vegetable and animal oils, margarine and nuts, which are excluded from the diet. It is therefore necessary to take a daily capsule of fish oil and rose oil (only five calories). Low fat diet does not provide body to absorb vitamins and minerals. This is particularly important if you are pregnant. Take a multivitamin.

The main aim of low fat diet is a weight loss, but not a switch to proper nutrition. For example, it does not exclude the use of desserts with sugar.

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