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Jessica Alba diet plan – 7 day diet, 7 lbs to lose

Jessica Alba diet plan - 7 day diet, 7 lbs to loseJessica Alba diet must be followed within seven days, after which you can lose weight up to 3 kg (7 lbs). Jessica Alba diet recommends starting with a clean intestines.

1st day: 5 boiled potatoes and 1.5 litres kefir;

2nd day: 100 g boiled chicken and the 1.5 liter kefir;

3rd day: 100 g boiled meat and 1.5 litres kefir;

4th day: 100 g boiled fish with and 1.5 litres kefir;

5th Day: fruits and vegetables (except bananas and grapes!) and 1.5 litres kefir;

6th day: only kefir;

7th day: mineral water.

Recommended dishes should be prepared without sugar and salt.

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