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Scientific evidence shows that food is used at night or late evening, just one month can ruin even the most great body. To avoid this, simply do not eat at night. And if you can not? False signs of hunger – the night the flash of appetite, doctors-nutritionists recommend a simple way to extinguish.
Waking up at night from hunger, do not drink sugary drinks – this will only increase the appetite. It is better to walk around and do a couple of simple exercises. No, do push-ups on the floor, of course, it is not necessary, but quietly rotate the head and hands is even possible.
Here are a couple of tips from the “night of gastronomic failures”: does not keep the house chips, crackers, sausages and other snacks that night will get your attention.
In the evening, cook as much food as you can eat, so that nothing remained for the next day.

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