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Switzerland diet

Switzerland dietSwitzerland diet should be followed 1 week each month.

Just eat differently and lose weight. Choose 1 of 3 options menu and combine them.

1st breakfast:
1) 1 cup of milk, 1 egg, black bread (50 g);
2) coffee with milk, 100 grams lean fish, 50 grams of white bread;
3) coffee with milk, 2 soft-boiled eggs, 100 grams of bread, garden radish.

2nd breakfast:
1) apple (100 grams);
2) 1/2 cup (100 grams) of vegetable juice;
3) fruit (100 grams).

1) carrot juice, cooked pike without fat (200 g), a green salad (100 grams), boiled potatoes (100 g);
2) cheese, baked beef steak without fat (200 g), boiled potatoes (100 g),sour cabbage, beet;
3) vegetable juice, baked chicken without fat (250 g), boiled potatoes (100 g), a salad of raw carrots, spinach.

1) lean curd with milk, 100 g salad of tomatoes or radish, bread wheat (50 g), green tea without sugar;
2) filling fish (fish-100 g), a green salad (50 g), drink from hip;
3) 100 g lean curd with milk, chicory or salad, bread (50 g), tomato juice.

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Effective complex diet

Effective complex dietEffective complex diet is longer but very effective.

Effective complex diet is designed to 13 days, during which you have to lose weight about 8 kg (20 lbs). After lose weight result saves in 2-3 years.

Day 1

Breakfast: coffee without sugar
Lunch: 2 hard-boiled eggs, salad of cabbage with oil, 1 glass of tomato juice without salt
Dinner: boiled fish without salt

Day 2

Breakfast: coffee and cracker
Lunch: boiled fish without salt, a salad of cabbage with oil
Dinner: 200 g boiled beef without salt, 1 glass of kefir

Day 3
Breakfast: coffee, bread
Lunch: 1 squash small size, grilled without salt, apples
Dinner: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 200 g boiled beef, salad of cabbage with oil

Day 4

Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: 1 egg, 3 boiled carrots,15 g cheese
Dinner: apples

Day 5

Breakfast: raw carrot
Lunch: largest boiled fish without salt, 1 glass of tomato juice.
Dinner: fruit (except bananas, watermelon, melons)

Day 6

Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: ½ boiled chicken, salad of carrots or cabbage
Dinner: 2 hard-boiled eggs, carrots with oil

Day 7

Breakfast: green tea
Lunch: 200 g of boiled beef or chicken, fruits
Dinner: any menu of previous days diet (started from a dinner of the 1st day to dinner 6th day)

Day 8

Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: ½ boiled chicken, salad of carrots or cabbage
Dinner: apple

Day 9 like (=) Day 5
Day 10 like (=) Day 4
Day 11 like (=) Day 3
Day 12 like (=) Day 2
Day 13 like (=) Day 1

After you lose 7-8 kg (20 lbs) of weight you can relax in next 2-3 years.

Common misspellings: Efective complex diet, Affective complex diet, Effectiv complex diet, Efectiv complex diet


British Diet (England diet)

British DietDuring 7 days of British diet, you lose 5-7 lbs of excess weight.

Basic rules: minimum calorie diet in the morning, maximum calorie diet to dinner (until 7 pm). Choose one (in any combination) version for each meal.

Breakfast (200 calories):
1 version:
1 cooked egg, slice of dried bread, 100 grams of fresh juice.
2 version: 1/3 cups oats with a glass of milk, 1 spoon of raisins, 150 grams of fruit juice.
3 version: 2 spoons of porridge with a glass of milk, 1 apple.
4 version: 200 g of fruit salad, 150 grams of kefir or curdled milk.

Lunch (300 calories):
1 version: baked potatoes, 100 grams curd with sweet fruit (apple, pineapple, pear, orange), vegetable salad with sunflower oil, 1 orange or 1 apple.
2 version: vegetarian broth, 25 g grinded brynza, 50 grams of bread, 1 pear or 1 apple.
3 version: 2 slice dried bread, 50 grams of baked beans, 100 g of fresh fruit.
4 version: omelet with vegetables, cheese and 2 eggs, slices of tomato, green pepper and mushrooms, apple.

Dinner (about 500 calories)
1 version: hot meal of beans, 100 g of fresh fruit.
2 version: milk soup of vegetables, 25 g fat grated cheese (brynza), slice of dried bread, 50 grams apricots.
3 version: baked large potatoes, 60 grams of baked beans, carrots, cabbage, 2 glasses of kefir with pieces of apricots.

Common misspellings: Britis Diet, Englan Diets, Enland Diets


3 day diet (Three day diet plan)

3 day diet3 day diet is very popular. 3 day diet must be observed for three days, followed by four days of normal nutrition.

3 day diet can be repeated many times in a row, while not achieved the desired results. 3 day diet is easy and rich.

1st Day

Breakfast: black coffee or green tea without sugar, lick of bread with little jam
2nd breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit.
Lunch: 100 g (wet weight) of grilled chicken without the skin and fat, cup of boiled green haricot, cup of boiled beets, crispy bread.
Dinner: ½ banks of tuna in oil (tuna), lick of bread, 4 radish.
At night: a small apple.

2nd Day

Breakfast: black coffee or green tea without sugar, eggs, lick of bread.
2nd breakfast: ½ grapefruit.
Lunch: 2 sausage, cup of boiled broccoli, 3 carrots, crispy bread.
Dinner: low fat curd, 4 radish, dill, 5 crackers.
At night: green tea and 2 prunes.

3rd Day

Breakfast: black coffee or green tea without sugar, 5 crackers, cheese.
2nd breakfast: small apple.
Lunch: 150 g. tuna or 200 g. chicken, cup of boiled beets, cup of cauliflower, crispy bread.
Dinner: cooked egg, 2 cucumbers (fresh or salt), 4 radish, and lick of bread.
At night: ½ small melons or apple.

During 3 day diet you need to drink much (6-8 glasses of water in day).

Common misspellings: 3day diet, 3-day diet, cofee diet, coffe diet, cofe diet thre day diet


Japanese Diet (coffee, eggs, vegetables and fish diet)

Japanese dietDuring 14 days of Japanese diet, you lose 7-8 kg of excess weight, because the diet is transforming to a different rhythm metabolism in the body.

The authors of Japanese diet guarantee result for a long time, at least to 3 years!!!!

Day 1

Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch: 2 hard-boiled eggs, fresh cabbage salad with oil, a1 glass of tomato juice or fresh tomatoes.

Dinner: boiled fish, fresh cabbage salad with oil.

Day 2

Breakfast: black coffee and bread.

Lunch: boiled fish, fresh cabbage salad with oil.

Dinner: 200 g boiled beef, 1 glass of kefir.

Day 3

Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch: 1 lightly-boiled egg, 3 large carrots with vegetable oil.

Dinner: Apples.

Day 4

Breakfast: black coffee and bread.

Lunch: parsley with vegetable oil, apples.

Dinner: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 200 g boiled beef, salad of cabbage with vegetable oil.

Day 5

Breakfast: raw grinded carrots, lightly seasoned with lemon juice.

Lunch: big fish (500 grams), grilled or boiled., 1 glass of tomato juice.

Dinner: boiled fish, fresh cabbage salad with vegetable oil.

6 Day

Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch: 500 g boiled chicken, salad of raw carrots or cabbage.

Dinner: 2 lightly-boiled eggs, raw carrots salad with oil.

7 Day

Breakfast: green tea.

Lunch: 200 g boiled beef, fruit.

Dinner: any menu of previous days diet, but the third day.

From the 8th day diet should be repeated.

Common misspellings: Jappanese Diet, Japanesse Diet, Japannese Diet, Japanes Diet, Japan Diet


Summer Diet

Summer dietSummer Diet is really tasty 7 days diet, which is not difficult to adhere to a few times a month.

Particularly good use of the diet in the summer, because this time of year is full of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. So select themselves in fruits and vegetables that you love most and eat their entire day – for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 1 – day of vegetable. The day you must eat only one type of vegetable and drink more mineral water.

Day 2 – if day 1 was the day of vegetable, then it should be fruity. Share your chosen fruit (of any amount) on 4 meal and eat in the main part of lunch. If you feel hunger, then drink a glass of kefir.

Day 3 – day of berry. For example you can choose scented fresh strawberries or raspberries. Eat berries during the day and drink unlimited amounts of a mineral water.

Day 4 – day of dairy foodstuffs. Select kefir or yoghurt and drink small grapes during the day. If you feel hungry, then eat a little lean curd with a small amount of sugar. At night – glass of kefir.

Day 5 – again day of vegetable. This day you must eat only one type of vegetable and drink more mineral water.

Day 6 – again day of berry. Eat berries during the day and drink unlimited amounts of a mineral water. At night, do not forget to drink a full glass of kefir.

Day 7 – probably most painful and difficult day for the diet. During the day, you should only drink some fruit juiceapple, grape or orange.

Common misspellings: Sumer Diet, Sumer Diets, Sammer Diet, Samer Diet


French diet

French dietThe French diet is applied within 14 days.

At the time of diet can drink only mineral water.

The diet’s menu should not be changed. Only the this sequence used food is necessary changes in metabolism of organism. Absolutely excluded salt, sugar, alcohol, bread and other bakery product.

Repeat diet can be in six months.

Day 1:
Breakfast – black coffee;
Lunch – 2 eggs, salad, tomato;
Dinner – a piece of boiled meat lean, salad.

Day 2:
Breakfast – black coffee, bread;
Lunch – a piece of boiled meat;
Dinner – ham, salad.

Day 3:
Breakfast – black coffee, bread;
Lunch – carrots, roasted at the plant oil, tomatoes, mandarin or orange;
Dinner – 2 eggs, lean sausage, salad.

Day 4:
Breakfast – black coffee;
Lunch –1 egg, fresh carrots, cheese;
Dinner – fruit salad, kefir.

Day 5

: Breakfast – grinded carrots with lemon juice;
Lunch – boiled fish, tomato;
Dinner – a piece of boiled meat.

Day 6:
Breakfast – black coffee;
Lunch – boiled chicken, salad;
Dinner – a piece of boiled meat.

Day 7:
Breakfast – tea;
Lunch – cooked meat, fruit;
Dinner– lean ham or sausage.

Second week back in the first.


Pineapple Diet

Pineapple DietPineapple diet is best for weight loss.

Pineapples contain enzymes. Enzymes were struggling with fat and improve the workings of stomach. There is a need to take two kilograms of pineapples and pineapple juice without sugar. Pineapple slicing of dots and divided into four portions – breakfast, second breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the day drink a litre of pineapple juice. Do not more drink and do not have. If this diet very hungry , you can eat in a day 100 grams lean curd, 100 gr. lean poultry or lean meat, a little rye bread.

During two days lost two kilograms without compromising health.

Common misspellings: Pineaple Diet, Piniapple Diet, Pine-apple Diet, Pine apple Diet


Potato Diet

Potato DietThe content of Potato Diet:

Breakfast: glass of milk.

Lunch: 300 g. potato puree.

Dinner: Potato salad (250 grams of potatoes, hard-boiled egg, salt, vinegar, oil, peppercorns).

Since the diet does not contain vitamins, it is necessary to take more of their tablets, after consultation with a physician.

In this Potato diet people feel satisfied, but losing weight up to 500 grams a day.

Common misspellings: Pottato Diet, Potatto Diet, Pottatoes Diets, Potattoes Diets, Potatos Diets, Potatos Diet


Low fat diet

low fat dietMain rule of low fat diet – delete almost all fat from your daily nutrition. Low fat diet is not so low calories to keep a sense of hunger.

Daily diet menu

Breakfast: 20 grams of dry breakfast, a small banana, milk (280 ml. everyday)
Afternoon snack: potatoes boiled in their jackets with Bank town 225 Lunch : oniony soup with potatoes, curry of chicken with brown rice, with a jar of baked haricot 225 g.
Lunch: oniony soup with potatoes, curry chicken with brown rice, with a kiss punnet of raspberries and low fat raspberry yogurt or low fat curd.

As well this food?

The low fat diet reduce the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. Diet easy to follow, especially if avoid using dairy products. The list of low fat products practically not limited. Following this diet you do not have to check calories. Allowed to moderate alcohol consumption. You can eat an unlimited number of vegetables.

What is wrong with this food?

Long low fat diet can cause a deficiency of fatty acids in the body, why there can be various disorders. These fatty acids found in vegetable and animal oils, margarine and nuts, which are excluded from the diet. It is therefore necessary to take a daily capsule of fish oil and rose oil (only five calories). Low fat diet does not provide body to absorb vitamins and minerals. This is particularly important if you are pregnant. Take a multivitamin.

The main aim of low fat diet is a weight loss, but not a switch to proper nutrition. For example, it does not exclude the use of desserts with sugar.

Common misspellings: Low far diet