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Rice Diet (grain diet)

Rice DietBase of the Rice Diet is not purified rice. Purified rice is very good for your health. Just follow the rice diet at least 3 days and maximum 2 weeks. Between the meals you can drink mineral water, green tea or juices.

1st day:
Breakfast: apple, rice (60 grams of dry grain) with lemons peel and a few drops of lemon juice, green tea.
Lunch: vegetables soup, salad of vegetables (150 g), rice with vegetables and 1 teaspoon of fruit vinegar and 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
Dinner: vegetable soup, rice with carrots and squash cooked on steam.

2nd day:
Breakfast: oranges, rice with oranges peel and 1 teaspoon of sour cream.
Lunch: vegetable broth, rice with boiled vegetables. Dinner: as lunch.

3rd day:
Breakfast: pear, rice with cinnamon.
Lunch: vegetable soup, salad of cucumbers with olive oil, 150 grams of rice with fried mushrooms.
Dinner: vegetable soup, rice with broccoli sprouts cooked on steam.

4th day:
Breakfast: fruit salad with 1-2 tablespoon of flakes rice, rice with milk or cream.
Lunch: vegetable soup, zucchini with green leaves salad, rice with carrots cooked on steam.
Dinner: vegetable soup, rice with parsley and a pinch pips sunflower.

5th Day:
Breakfast: rice with grapes or raisins and 1 teaspoon of grinded almonds.
Lunch: vegetable soup, rice with lots of greenery, vegetables and olive oil.
Dinner: vegetable soup, rice with 1 tablespoon of crushed walnuts, 2 of tablespoon green onions and 2 of tablespoon grinded root of celery or parsley, spinach cooked on steam.

6th Day:
Breakfast: rice with 2 date, 4walnut, 1-2 berries figs and pear.
Lunch: vegetable broth, rice with raw vegetables (cucumber, sweet peppers), mint and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
Dinner: vegetable broth with rice 1-2 cut apples, 1 tablespoon sour cream and ½ teaspoon honey.

7th Day:
Breakfast: rice with cut apples and cut pears, a few drops of lemon and 1 teaspoon honey, ½ of portion yoghurt.
Lunch: vegetable broth, portion of green salad, rice with 1 tomato and green beans cooked for a steam.
Dinner: vegetable broth, rice with squash cooked for a steam and 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 5 olives, basil. 100 g boiled rice contains only 109 kcal, so eat and weight loss.

After diet eat less meat and milk, for lunch and dinner cook raw grains (rice, gray macaroni, gray bread and bread with bran).

Common misspellings: Raice Diet, Rise Diet, Rize Diet, Risse Diet, Reece Diet, Ris Diet


Business Woman Diet

Business Woman DietBusiness woman diet is designed for 7 days. During 7 days of Business Woman Diet, you lose 5-6 kg (11-14 lbs) of excess weight.

Breakfast (select one of the proposed options):

a) 30 g flakes with milk;
b) 1 toast bread, baked tomatoes, cheese;
c) banana sandwich: 2 slice of bread, slice of 1 banana, 1 teaspoonful of honey, 1 tablespoons natural yoghurt;
g) 1 toast, 1 lightly-boiled egg, ½ cup of orange juice. (250 calories)

Lunch (select one of the proposed options):

a) big portion of salad, apple or orange, sandwich with 50 g cold chicken (skinless);
b) 200 g potato, big portion of mixed salad and glass dietary yoghurt, 25 g cheese. (250 calories)

Dinner (select one of the proposed options):

a) any low calorie ready meals, a big portion of mixed salad;
b) 150 g chicken or turkey, 75 g fried potatoes, or 125 g boiled potatoes, vegetables;
c) 75 g spaghetti with canned tomato sauce and 75 g shrimp, or t 100 g boiled chicken, vegetable or fruit salad. (400 calories)

Desserts (choose one option):

a) 2 glasses of wine, slices peach;
b) nectarines with soft cheese, two large sponge cake. (200 calories)

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Soup Diet

Soup dietSoup is a base of diet. Soup diet help you to lose weight about 5-8 kg (10 – 20 lbs) at 7 days. If you lose weight more than 7 kg (15 lbs), you must waiting 2 days before continuing diet.

Soup recipe: 6 medium onions, a few tomatoes, 1 small head cabbage, 2 green pepper, 1 bundle of celery, 1 cube of vegetable broth.

Cut vegetables with small pieces, pour water, add salt, pepper. Boil soup to preparedness. Do not drink alcoholic and carbonated beverages, bread, any food with fat during soup diet.

1st day: soup and fruit, except bananas. Green tea without sugar, coffee without sugar or water.

2nd day: soup and green vegetables (fresh vegetables or canned vegetables). Refrain from corn, green peas and beans.
At dinner 1 baked potatoes with vegetable oil. Green tea without sugar, coffee without sugar or water.

3rd Day: soup, fruits and vegetables, but not potatoes. Green tea without sugar, coffee without sugar or water.

4th Day: soup, fruits and vegetables, including bananas and lean milk. Green tea without sugar, coffee without sugar or water.

5th Day: soup, beef and tomatoes. Green tea without sugar, coffee without sugar or water.

6th Day: soup, beef and vegetables (especially leafy). Green tea without sugar, coffee without sugar or water.

7th Day: soup, natural rice with vegetables, fruit juice. Green tea without sugar, coffee without sugar or water.

Common misspellings: Suop diet, Soupe diet, Sup diet, Soap diet, Supe diet


Julia Roberts Diet (face lift diet)

Julia Roberts DietJulia Roberts is one of the biggest fan of Dr. Perricone`s diet, or as it is called – face lift diet.

Julia Roberts Diet is diet to lose weight and tight skin on the face.

Basic rules: Intake salmon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Salmon is guarantor of elasticity skin and a champion against wrinkles.

Another if you exclude the sugar and fat food, the weight loss will be inevitable.

Immediately after sleep: 350 ml mineral water.

Breakfast: 100 g boiled salmon, ½ plate of oats, which boiled with water, green apple, 350 ml of mineral water.

2nd breakfast: 250 g canned salmon, a little green leaf lettuce, 350 ml of mineral water.

Lunch: 50 g breast of chicken, 4 filbert, green apple, 350 ml of mineral water.

Dinner: 250 g canned salmon, a little green leaf lettuce green apple, 350 ml of mineral water.

Common misspellings: July Roberts Diet, Gulia Roberts Diet, Julia Robberts Diet, Facelift diet, Face-lift diet, Fase lift diet


Avocado diet

Avocado dietAvocados diet is a 3 day diet (other 3 day diet).

This Avocado diet to lose weight about 2 kg (5 lbs).

Breakfast: ½ avocado filled fat cream.

Lunch: ½ avocado, 1 cooked egg, a small cucumber and green onions.

Dinner: 90 g lightly fried steak, ½ avocado filled fat cream.

Common misspellings: Avacados diet, Avokados diet, Ovacados diet, Avokado diet, Avacado diet, Ovacados diets


Buckwheat Diet

Buckwheat dietBuckwheat Diet is one of the most effective but very hard.

With you can lose weight about 10 kg (22 lbs) per week.

You must eat only specially prepared buckwheat during the all week.

Cooking method:
Evening: pour buckwheat with boiled water, but do not boil. Draw overnight. The next day eat only this buckwheat, and in the evening cook it again. You can drink kefir and green tea without sugar.

Common misspellings: Backwheat Diet, Bakwheat Diet, Duckwheat Diet, Buckweat Diet, Buckwhet Diet, Buckwhat Diet, Bucwheat Diet


Curd and green tea diet

Curd and green tea dietCurd diet + Green tea diet.
Curd and green tea diet is really effective way weight loss.

During 10 days of Curd and green tea diet, you lose 10 kg of your weight!

But curd and green tea diet is very hard.

1 hard-boiled egg + 1 cup of green tea without sugar

125 grams lean curd without sugar + 1 cup of green tea without sugar

1 cup of green tea + 3 spoons lean cream.

Common misspellings: Card diet, gren tea diet, greenn tea diet, green tae diet


Japanese Diet (coffee, eggs, vegetables and fish diet)

Japanese dietDuring 14 days of Japanese diet, you lose 7-8 kg of excess weight, because the diet is transforming to a different rhythm metabolism in the body.

The authors of Japanese diet guarantee result for a long time, at least to 3 years!!!!

Day 1

Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch: 2 hard-boiled eggs, fresh cabbage salad with oil, a1 glass of tomato juice or fresh tomatoes.

Dinner: boiled fish, fresh cabbage salad with oil.

Day 2

Breakfast: black coffee and bread.

Lunch: boiled fish, fresh cabbage salad with oil.

Dinner: 200 g boiled beef, 1 glass of kefir.

Day 3

Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch: 1 lightly-boiled egg, 3 large carrots with vegetable oil.

Dinner: Apples.

Day 4

Breakfast: black coffee and bread.

Lunch: parsley with vegetable oil, apples.

Dinner: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 200 g boiled beef, salad of cabbage with vegetable oil.

Day 5

Breakfast: raw grinded carrots, lightly seasoned with lemon juice.

Lunch: big fish (500 grams), grilled or boiled., 1 glass of tomato juice.

Dinner: boiled fish, fresh cabbage salad with vegetable oil.

6 Day

Breakfast: black coffee.

Lunch: 500 g boiled chicken, salad of raw carrots or cabbage.

Dinner: 2 lightly-boiled eggs, raw carrots salad with oil.

7 Day

Breakfast: green tea.

Lunch: 200 g boiled beef, fruit.

Dinner: any menu of previous days diet, but the third day.

From the 8th day diet should be repeated.

Common misspellings: Jappanese Diet, Japanesse Diet, Japannese Diet, Japanes Diet, Japan Diet


Watermelon diet

Watermelon dietWatermelon diet properties and diuretic of watermelons are known for a long time. In hypertension, bed circulation of the blood, nephritis, gout, disease of liver, obesity is recommended to eat for 300-400 g flesh of watermelon 5 times a day. The flesh of watermelon is a good choice for the discharge day.

Watermelon diet should not continue for more than 5 days. During this time, you rid of scoria, redundant water in the body, as well as unwanted salts.

Watermelon diet is easy diet. During the day you eat watermelon at 1 kilogram its flesh on 10 kg of your weight. Please watch your condition. In some cases, the body of such mono-nutrition reacts negatively.

We dont recommend watermelon diet with kidney stones, diabetes, severe illness pancreas. However, if at the second day you are all right, keep your watermelon diet safely all 5 days.

After the watermelon diet, during which usually lose weight about 3 kilograms, go to “watermelon food” for another 10 days.

Breakfast: oatmeal without sugar and a little piece of cheese.

Lunch: piece of fish, meat or poultry and vegetable salad without fatty fillings.

Dinner: solid portion of the watermelon at the rate of 1 kilogram watermelon`s flesh on 30 kg of your weight.

During 15 days of watermelon diet you can lose weight up to 8 kilogram (18 lbs)!

Common misspellings: Water-melon diet, Watemelon diet, Watermellon diet, Water melon diet


Fish Diet

Fish dietFish Diet – the 10 days diet. After the diet you lose weight to 5 kg.

Some of the recommendations: at once morning, you should drink a large glass of water. During the day you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water.

Breakfast: 2 cups of tea (preferably green), 1 or 2 eggs (hard-boiled egg or medium-timed egg or lightly-boiled egg), 1 or 2 cup yoghurt or low fat curd, 1 tablet ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in 10 days could be changed to a fruit.

11:00: glass of water, then eat ½ fish. After: ½ fish with boiled vegetables, then raw vegetables, and finished eating something fruit. Salt should be added to a minimum, but be sure to use peppers, garlic, onions, basil and other spices and seasoning.

Lunch: 2 large glasses of water before dinner, 250 g of fish or seafood, the garnish of leaves green salad, raw vegetables or boiled vegetables (bulgarian peppers, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, broccoli, haricot) without oil or fresh lemon juice, 1-2 yoghurt or low fat curd.

After lunch not to drink 2 hours!

5:00 p.m.: large glass of water and the same menu as lunch. Take turns hot and cold, fish and seafood, broiled and boiled.

At night: cup of green tea for weight loss.