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Fish Diet

Fish dietFish Diet – the 10 days diet. After the diet you lose weight to 5 kg.

Some of the recommendations: at once morning, you should drink a large glass of water. During the day you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water.

Breakfast: 2 cups of tea (preferably green), 1 or 2 eggs (hard-boiled egg or medium-timed egg or lightly-boiled egg), 1 or 2 cup yoghurt or low fat curd, 1 tablet ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in 10 days could be changed to a fruit.

11:00: glass of water, then eat ½ fish. After: ½ fish with boiled vegetables, then raw vegetables, and finished eating something fruit. Salt should be added to a minimum, but be sure to use peppers, garlic, onions, basil and other spices and seasoning.

Lunch: 2 large glasses of water before dinner, 250 g of fish or seafood, the garnish of leaves green salad, raw vegetables or boiled vegetables (bulgarian peppers, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, broccoli, haricot) without oil or fresh lemon juice, 1-2 yoghurt or low fat curd.

After lunch not to drink 2 hours!

5:00 p.m.: large glass of water and the same menu as lunch. Take turns hot and cold, fish and seafood, broiled and boiled.

At night: cup of green tea for weight loss.


Complex diet

Complex dietComplex diet designed for 7 days.

In strict compliance you can lose weight about 4 kg (9 lbs). Repeat diet is permitted only in 3-4 months.

Breakfast – a cup of coffee or tea.

Second breakfast – eggs and 8 dried prunes or 8 fresh prunes.

Lunch – 200 g boiled lean meat and 100 g garnish of cabbage and carrots, apple or orange.

Afternoon – 30 g of cheese, orange or apple.

Dinner – glass kefir.


Kefir diet

Kefir DietIt is believed that milk and dairy products are harmful because they allegedly glue wall of the bowel.

This is not the case! People need milk, yoghurt and cheese, because they contained calcium strengthens bones and teeth. Kefir diet designed for 7 days.

Begin Kefir diet to be clear bowel with mild enema. Don’t eat anything this days, but only diet’s products.

Moreover, be excluded sugar and salt. Weight loss about 5 kg.

Day 1: 5 boiled potatoes and a 1,5 litres of kefir;

Day 2: 100 grams boiled chicken and a 1.5 litres of kefir;

Day 3: 100 grams boiled meat and a 1,5 litres kefir;

Day 4: 100 grams boiled fish with a 1.5 litres kefir;

Day 5: fruits and vegetables (except bananas, and grapes) and a 1,5 litres kefir;

Day 6: only kefir;

Day 7: mineral water.

Common misspellings: Kifir diet, Keffir diet, Kefire diet


Wine Diet

Wine dietWine diet is very effective and nice.

Following wine diet, can lose weight about to 5 kg. For this diet you need 5 large apples, tomatoes and cucumbers, 1 kg curd (preferably fat or low), 5 hard-boiled egg, a bottle of red wine.

So, every day for 5 days using these products in the following order:

Morning – eggs and tomatoes. After 2 hours – apple. After 2 hours – curd and cucumber. After 3 hours– a glass of wine. It works!

Good luck!

Common misspellings: Vine diet