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6 day diet (rice, eggs, potatoes and curd)

6 day diet (rice, eggs, potatoes and curd)6 day diet is very effective. Recommended as alternate 6 day diet with normal meat intake.

1 Day: 1 cup of boiled rice
2 Day: 5 eggs
3 Day: 5 boiled potatoes
4 Day 150g low fat curd
5 Day 150g chicken of breast
6 Day 1-2kg apples, preferably baked.

Recommended to drink low fat kefir, green tea without sugar and water at least 1.5 litres a day.

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Low Fat 4 Day Diet

Low Fat 4 Day DietLow fat 4 day diet

1st day:Boiled rice without salt and apple juice without sugar.

2nd day:Boiled chicken without salt and apple juice or green tea (no sugar).

3rd day: Low fat curd and low fat kefir.

4th day: Low fat cheese and bottle of wine. Wine can be replaced with the green tea without sugar.

Quantity of eaten food and of drinking liquid is unlimited.

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Banana and Orange Diet drink

Banana and Orange Diet drinkThis Banana and Orange diet drink can be used in 2 days. You lose weight about 3 kg (7 lbs).

Mix juice of 2 large oranges, juice of 1 lemon, chopped banana, 1 teaspoon honey.

Drink this diet drink 4 times a day. During the day you can also drink a cup of green tea.

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Avocado diet

Avocado dietAvocados diet is a 3 day diet (other 3 day diet).

This Avocado diet to lose weight about 2 kg (5 lbs).

Breakfast: ½ avocado filled fat cream.

Lunch: ½ avocado, 1 cooked egg, a small cucumber and green onions.

Dinner: 90 g lightly fried steak, ½ avocado filled fat cream.

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Buckwheat Diet

Buckwheat dietBuckwheat Diet is one of the most effective but very hard.

With you can lose weight about 10 kg (22 lbs) per week.

You must eat only specially prepared buckwheat during the all week.

Cooking method:
Evening: pour buckwheat with boiled water, but do not boil. Draw overnight. The next day eat only this buckwheat, and in the evening cook it again. You can drink kefir and green tea without sugar.

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3 day diet (Three day diet plan)

3 day diet3 day diet is very popular. 3 day diet must be observed for three days, followed by four days of normal nutrition.

3 day diet can be repeated many times in a row, while not achieved the desired results. 3 day diet is easy and rich.

1st Day

Breakfast: black coffee or green tea without sugar, lick of bread with little jam
2nd breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit.
Lunch: 100 g (wet weight) of grilled chicken without the skin and fat, cup of boiled green haricot, cup of boiled beets, crispy bread.
Dinner: ½ banks of tuna in oil (tuna), lick of bread, 4 radish.
At night: a small apple.

2nd Day

Breakfast: black coffee or green tea without sugar, eggs, lick of bread.
2nd breakfast: ½ grapefruit.
Lunch: 2 sausage, cup of boiled broccoli, 3 carrots, crispy bread.
Dinner: low fat curd, 4 radish, dill, 5 crackers.
At night: green tea and 2 prunes.

3rd Day

Breakfast: black coffee or green tea without sugar, 5 crackers, cheese.
2nd breakfast: small apple.
Lunch: 150 g. tuna or 200 g. chicken, cup of boiled beets, cup of cauliflower, crispy bread.
Dinner: cooked egg, 2 cucumbers (fresh or salt), 4 radish, and lick of bread.
At night: ½ small melons or apple.

During 3 day diet you need to drink much (6-8 glasses of water in day).

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Watermelon diet

Watermelon dietWatermelon diet properties and diuretic of watermelons are known for a long time. In hypertension, bed circulation of the blood, nephritis, gout, disease of liver, obesity is recommended to eat for 300-400 g flesh of watermelon 5 times a day. The flesh of watermelon is a good choice for the discharge day.

Watermelon diet should not continue for more than 5 days. During this time, you rid of scoria, redundant water in the body, as well as unwanted salts.

Watermelon diet is easy diet. During the day you eat watermelon at 1 kilogram its flesh on 10 kg of your weight. Please watch your condition. In some cases, the body of such mono-nutrition reacts negatively.

We dont recommend watermelon diet with kidney stones, diabetes, severe illness pancreas. However, if at the second day you are all right, keep your watermelon diet safely all 5 days.

After the watermelon diet, during which usually lose weight about 3 kilograms, go to “watermelon food” for another 10 days.

Breakfast: oatmeal without sugar and a little piece of cheese.

Lunch: piece of fish, meat or poultry and vegetable salad without fatty fillings.

Dinner: solid portion of the watermelon at the rate of 1 kilogram watermelon`s flesh on 30 kg of your weight.

During 15 days of watermelon diet you can lose weight up to 8 kilogram (18 lbs)!

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Summer Diet

Summer dietSummer Diet is really tasty 7 days diet, which is not difficult to adhere to a few times a month.

Particularly good use of the diet in the summer, because this time of year is full of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. So select themselves in fruits and vegetables that you love most and eat their entire day – for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 1 – day of vegetable. The day you must eat only one type of vegetable and drink more mineral water.

Day 2 – if day 1 was the day of vegetable, then it should be fruity. Share your chosen fruit (of any amount) on 4 meal and eat in the main part of lunch. If you feel hunger, then drink a glass of kefir.

Day 3 – day of berry. For example you can choose scented fresh strawberries or raspberries. Eat berries during the day and drink unlimited amounts of a mineral water.

Day 4 – day of dairy foodstuffs. Select kefir or yoghurt and drink small grapes during the day. If you feel hungry, then eat a little lean curd with a small amount of sugar. At night – glass of kefir.

Day 5 – again day of vegetable. This day you must eat only one type of vegetable and drink more mineral water.

Day 6 – again day of berry. Eat berries during the day and drink unlimited amounts of a mineral water. At night, do not forget to drink a full glass of kefir.

Day 7 – probably most painful and difficult day for the diet. During the day, you should only drink some fruit juiceapple, grape or orange.

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Easy Effective Diet

Easy effective dietEasy Effective diet – diet variety, but rather hungry.

You will be able to take their hands lose weight about 4 kg.

Recommended to drink only water, 1,5-2 litres per day.

Day 1: 500 g of vegetables.

Day 2: 100 grams of cooked meat without fat.

Day 3: 6 boiled eggs.

Day 4: 400 g boiled beef.

Day 5: 400 g boiled fish.

Day 6: 1 kg fruit.

Day 7: 1 kg fruit.

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Keira Knightley Diet

Keira Knightley dietAny person losing weight may compare their act with feat. This Keira Knightley Diet is no exception.

Keira Knightley Diet is for a week. Feeling of lightness comes four days of strict compliance diet.

Breakfast: 100 g lean curd with pieces of fresh fruit, tea without sugar.
Lunch: lean fish, vegetable salad, dessert at any fruit (if the banana-1/2).
Dinner (not later than 6:00 p.m.): kefir, 1-2 toast of black bread.

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