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Business Woman Diet

Business Woman DietBusiness woman diet is designed for 7 days. During 7 days of Business Woman Diet, you lose 5-6 kg (11-14 lbs) of excess weight.

Breakfast (select one of the proposed options):

a) 30 g flakes with milk;
b) 1 toast bread, baked tomatoes, cheese;
c) banana sandwich: 2 slice of bread, slice of 1 banana, 1 teaspoonful of honey, 1 tablespoons natural yoghurt;
g) 1 toast, 1 lightly-boiled egg, ½ cup of orange juice. (250 calories)

Lunch (select one of the proposed options):

a) big portion of salad, apple or orange, sandwich with 50 g cold chicken (skinless);
b) 200 g potato, big portion of mixed salad and glass dietary yoghurt, 25 g cheese. (250 calories)

Dinner (select one of the proposed options):

a) any low calorie ready meals, a big portion of mixed salad;
b) 150 g chicken or turkey, 75 g fried potatoes, or 125 g boiled potatoes, vegetables;
c) 75 g spaghetti with canned tomato sauce and 75 g shrimp, or t 100 g boiled chicken, vegetable or fruit salad. (400 calories)

Desserts (choose one option):

a) 2 glasses of wine, slices peach;
b) nectarines with soft cheese, two large sponge cake. (200 calories)

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