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Banana and Orange Diet drink

Banana and Orange Diet drinkThis Banana and Orange diet drink can be used in 2 days. You lose weight about 3 kg (7 lbs).

Mix juice of 2 large oranges, juice of 1 lemon, chopped banana, 1 teaspoon honey.

Drink this diet drink 4 times a day. During the day you can also drink a cup of green tea.

Common misspellings: Bannana and Orange Diet Drink, Bananna and Orange Diet Drink


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Kate Says:

i was wondering i while im doing this can i still drink water?? Im starting this tomorrow,and for how long can this diet be extended? i need to loose 120 pounds.

Diet plans Says:

Hello Kate! For the loss of this weight (120 lbs) is necessary complex program. Banana and Orange Diet is hungry diet. Do not follow this diet for a long time. It is harmful to your health. You can try Monthly diet, Japanese Diet, Effective complex diet or Weekly diet. But remember that the very fast lose weight is harmful for the health! In the interruptions between the diets it is also desirable healthy nutrition. Here you will find many easy Low Fat Recipes with calorie content.
Thanks! See you!

Amy Says:

Can you drink water? And it said a cup of green tea…does that mean one? Can I drink tea throughout the day?

Diet plans Says:

You can drink both water and green tea.


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