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4 day diet – Easy diet plan

4 Day Diet1 Day
Breakfast: 1 orange +2 hard-boiled egg + 1 cup of black coffee.
Lunch: 8 prunes, steeped in water.
Dinner: 1 egg +1 orange.

2 Day
Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee +100g lean cheese.
Lunch: 1 egg + 1 orange.
Dinner: 1 pear + 1 cup of milk.

3 Day
Breakfast: 1-2 cup of tea.
Lunch: 1 tomato + 1 cucumber + 100g cheese.
Dinner: 1 cup of milk.

4 Day
Breakfast: muesli in the juice or milk.
Lunch: 1 cucumber + 1 tomato.
Dinner: 2 orange.

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Sanne Paulsen Says:

New life is better to start from Tuesday. So tomorrow is the first day 4 day diet.

Adnav Says:

Would someone let me know, is this a real 4 days diet like a fast or someone just put it together without any grounding. And if it is real, then how often will I able to do it?

Nataly Says:

Adnav, 4 day diet is first of top diets, it means, that its very popular and helpfull, and, of course its Real!
You can take this diet every month.

tianna Says:

how much weight can you lose by doing th is?

Diet plans Says:

Hi, Tianna! You can lose weight up to 9 lbs (4 kg).

tina Says:

how much water can I drink while doing this diet?can anyone tell me

Diet plans Says:

Hi Tina!
Doctors recommend for your health to drink more than 1.5 liters of water a day. There are no limits on water, the more the better.

Good Luck!

tina Says:

If I follow this diet stictly with the foods mentioned,will I loose 4 kg after this diet.About coffee can I add sugar and milk.And about egg should I only eat the white part or with the yolk.

Diet plans Says:

Yes. You will lose 4 kg during 7-10 days, if you will follow this diet strictly. You must not add sugar and milk, its only black coffee. And about eggs, you must eat both yolk and white.

Thanks for your questions! Good Luck!

tina Says:

Isnt the diet supposed to be for 4 days.Then why I loose weight with in 7/10 days.Thats going to be tough..

Diet plans Says:

Most people need 2-3 times to use diet to achieve sustainable results. But need to do a pause between diets intervals of 4-5 days.
Good Luck!

Anonymous Says:

Can you substitute the black coffee for tea?

Diet plans Says:

Yes. Its ok. It is better to replace with green tea. It is more helpfull. More information here.

Mona Says:

I just started now it says prunes is there a subtitute for this fruit.

EC Says:

what if you can’t eat eggs…..what can i replace it with??


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