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10 diet food stuff menu

10 diet food stuff menuThis diet is not hungry and easy. At week you restrict your menu with 10 diet food stuff. During the day you can eat no more than 1.5 kg of food, but you must include in the diet menu all 10 diet food stuff from the base diet menu.

Combine and cook food as you want! You can add 9 diet food stuff from additional diet menu. Base diet menu:

1) breast of chicken,
2) eggs,
3) low fat cheese,
4) tomatoes,
5) cucumbers,
6) courgettes (zucchini),
7) cabbage (white cabbage or cauliflower),
8) aubergines (eggplant),
9) mushrooms,
10) apples.

Additional diet menu:

1) onions (1 pc. per day),
2) jarlic,
3) dill,
4) parsley,
5) lemon juice,
6) honey (1 teaspoon per day),
7) green tea,
8) olive oil,
9) black bread (1 pc. per day).

You can follow this diet longer than a week. You can lose 1.5 kg (4 lbs – 5 lbs) per week.

Common misspellings: lose 4lbs – 5lbs per week, lose 10lbs – 20lbs per week


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